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The sphere of services is among the priority industries promoting the development of all branches of economy and satisfying the most important needs of people.

Paid services to the population have been growing to make up Br610,2 billion over the ten months 2006, or 12.2 per cent up from the same period last year. Paid services in rural areas have been showing an upward trend as well. In January-October 2006, they upped by 8.4 per cent what attests to the growing purchasing capacity of rural dwellers and increasing accessibility of paid services for this category of the population.

The sphere of services is represented by about 2 thousand economic entities of various forms of ownership and more than 3 thousand sole traders.

State-run companies provide 70 per cent of total services. These companies specialize in transport, communications, utilities, culture, education, healthcare, insurance services. Healthcare and education services are extensively financed by the budget.

A boost was seen in the realtor service rendered by state-owned companies. Unitary subsidiaries companies have been set in Grodno and Lida to render realtor services such as registration of real estate, property rights and real estate transactions. 

Cadastre agencies and banks have been linked up to ensure prompt servicing of individual and corporate clients in striking the deals including with the help of bank loans.

Communication services are growing on the bank of dynamic development of the national networks and their integration into international networks. Upgrade programs have been implemented at several international and intercity electronic communication facilities, with the analog telephone stations being replaced with digital.

The measures have been taken to satisfy the growing demand of the population for tourist services, strengthen the logistics of the tourism industry, and expand tourist routes. In January-October tourist services soared by 38 per cent.

Consumer services have been gathering momentum as well. The growth accounted for 16.2 per cent in January-September 2006.