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Cookie Management Policy

on the official website of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee

1. Cookies are a text file stored in the browser of the computer (mobile device) of the user of the official website of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as the website) when the user accesses the website in order to reflect the actions performed. This file allows the user not to re-enter or select the same parameters when visiting the website again.

Cookies do not pose a threat to the user's device because they are text files and not executable programs.

Users have the ability to control cookie settings in their browser, including blocking or deleting existing cookies.

2. The purpose of processing the cookies is to ensure the convenience of the users of the website and to improve the quality of the website operation. Cookies store information about the user that can be used to improve the user's experience of interaction with the website. Cookies may contain various kinds of data such as user preferences, history of visits to the website, and other things.

We do not transfer cookies to third parties and do not use them to identify personal data owners.

3 The following types of cookies are processed on the website:

strictly necessary cookies are used for the correct operation of the website as well as to ensure its security;

performance files are used for internal analysis and optimization of the website, for storing auxiliary information;

analytical and target cookies help analyze the popularity of the website, identify the pages users visit the most, find out how much time users spend on the website, how they navigate around the website, find out possible failures they may have encountered. The information obtained can be used to improve the user experience and increase the efficiency of the website;

functional cookies (including the choice of the website version for the visually impaired) are stored on the user's device between browser sessions, allowing the user's preferences or actions on the website to be remembered, and allowing additional website features to be used and customized according to the user's preferences;

miscellaneous cookies are currently not categorized as other types of cookies, are in the process of classification.

4. Cookies are divided into two categories according to their storage period:

temporary cookies or session cookies are stored in the user's browser only for the duration of the session, in other words, until the user closes the browser or logs out. These cookies are used to store information about the user's status and to ensure session security;

persistent cookies are stored in the user's browser for a long time and can be used to store information that will be available the next time the user visits the website. Such cookies may contain information about the user's preferences, authorization data, and provide the ability to track the user's online behavior.

5. Cookies used on the website are categorized by affiliation into primary and third-party cookies:

primary cookies are created and set by the website itself when the user accesses it. They are used to collect information about the user's behavior on a particular website such as user preferences and can help improve the user experience on that website;

third-party cookies are cookies that are created and set by third-party websites and services rather than by the website visited by the user. They are used to track user activity on various websites and may be used to personalize advertisements, collect data about the user's online behavior and can be used for other marketing and analytics purposes. Third parties may use these cookies to track user activity and create user profiles for advertising and marketing purposes.

6. To collect analytical information on the website of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee, cookies of the web analytics platform Google Analytics are used. The website of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee cannot affect the operation of cookies used by this service. All the necessary information about their use can be found by visiting the relevant resource:

Google Analytics terms of use «Google Analytics» -

Disabling performance cookies may lead to a decrease in the performance and functionality of the website (reduced speed of loading pages of the website, loss of some of the website functionality, incorrect operation of the website, and other things).

Disabling analytical and targeting cookies may lead to a decrease in the quality of personalization, the collection of information about the user and their behavior on the website used, in particular, to tune personalized ads.

The disabling of functional cookies may result in restrictions of the user's access to certain functions of the website. For example, if they are disabled, it may be necessary to re-select cookie preferences, embedded videos in news articles may not play, and the visually impaired pages may be incorrectly displayed.

7. In addition to setting cookie preferences on the website, personal data owners can accept or reject the collection of all or some of the cookies in their browser settings.

It is important to understand that if the user chooses to disable cookies, the website will not be able to guarantee the full and efficient operation of all the functional capabilities of the website.

At the same time, some browsers allow visiting websites in “incognito” mode in order to limit the amount of data stored on the computer and automatically delete session cookies. Besides, personal data owners can delete previously stored cookies by selecting the corresponding option in the browser history.

More information about the cookie management parameters can be found by clicking the external links leading to the corresponding pages of the websites of the main browsers:

Yandex Firefox Chrome Safari Opera Microsoft Edge